Covered 6


Company Info

Los Angeles Headquarters

Covered 6 LLC 

780 Chambers Lane Suite #210

Simi Valley, CA 93036

Hours of Operations

10-6 Monday to Saturday

Hours and Days may vary based on specialty training courses

Main Phone: 805.926.2055


Safety Rules

Please no loaded firearms in the facility without prior approval. Active, Retired LE and CCW are exempt. We welcome walk-ins. We refuse the right to do business with anyone, especially individuals who are engaged in criminal or otherwise unethical behavior.

Covered 6 has minimum experience levels for each class. We put great emphasis on safety. If a student is not honest about his or her abilities, it could lead to a serious safety issue and or hold back the other students for lack of ability. This is not fair for those who came to train.  We have an unblemished safety record and will NOT make exceptions. Students can be dropped from a class, at any time, for any safety violation, or any reason regarding improper conduct or behavior. Gun safety rules are strictly enforced!

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780 Chmabers Lane Suite #210 Simi Valley CA, 93065