"Awareness without action is worthless"  


The Covered 6 ADAPT program is being taught in schools (2014 over 3000 Teachers), thousands of college students, financial institutions, corporate employees and private groups. Safety and Awareness programs help people feel better both at their workplace and offsite. This investment in the well being of employees and students makes a major difference in the perception on ones organization.

Covered 6 currently offers all levels of "Awareness" training for educational organizations and corporations. The Covered 6 A.D.A.P.T (Awareness and Defense Against Physical Threats) is designed to enhance situational awareness and take action. 

Additional modules of the system train teachers and school administrators for crisis response and de-escalation when confronted with emergency scenarios.  

We also have a women's campus self defense program and ADAPT International for increased awareness while traveling overseas. The focus of the program is on an alternative response to a “personal threat” emergencies. The main objective of the program is to provide the students and staff with options to increase their chance of survival, mitigation and avoidance of potentially threatening situations.

For more information about the ADAPT program call Covered 6 at 805.926.2055  or contact us and speak to a consultant on how to shape a training program for your organization.

Pepperdine University is a major contributor to the ADAPT program. They approved and implemented the very first ADAPT class in 2012. Now, the university offers the classes on a annual basis with great success and positive feedback.