"Information that solves sensitive problems."

We are a boutique intelligence gathering firm that stands above all others in the litigation support marketplace. Our unique strategies, creative planning and comprehensive operations help law firms and corporations vastly improve efficacy and work flow.

We understand that clients are the foundation for organizational success. As a result, we take pride in optimizing and streamlining the acquisition and flow of valuable intelligence to assist law firms in achieving objectives.


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Intelligence Gathering

The swift, covert and accurate gathering of sensitive and high profile intelligence is an art. Investigators at Covered 6 are experts in this field, adept at acquiring information. Through our creative processes - involving surveillance, human intelligence and undercover operations - we will attain information while navigating through delicate issues and remaining undetected.  Please contact Covered 6 so that we may consult with you regarding strategies to obtain the information you need. 

Infidelity/Divorce Surveillance

Investigations involving infidelity and/or divorce are highly confidential and sensitive. The complexity of these cases require experienced personnel with specific expertise. Covered 6 investigators are skilled in planning and executing surveillance operations to covertly develop valuable intelligence without detection. Please contact Covered 6 so that we may custom design a plan to meet your individual needs.  

Child Custody/Protection Surveillance

Nothing is more important and sacred to any person than their child. At Covered 6 we take this responsibility to heart. We  have years of collective experience providing surveillance and protection services to a wide variety of clients - including celebrities and high value clientele. Whether watching quietly in the shadows or providing the first line of defense and protection, we will develop a plan that meets the unique needs of your client and their children. Please contact Covered 6 today to schedule a consultation.

Workers’ Compensation/Injury Surveillance

Laws that have been enacted to protect the many are all too often abused by the few. At Covered 6, we understand that workers' compensation fraud directly impacts a company's bottom line in business. For this reason, our investigators work tirelessly to uncover this type of fraud for our clients. Using all our resources, and when needed, the resources of our strategic partners, we will deliver efficient and effective evidence to assist you in successful litigation.

Undercover Operations

Covered 6 Investigators have extensive experience in undercover operations. Due to the expertise of our staff, we are effective and successful in executing undercover operations. Our investigators and resources may be inserted into an organization, group, or with an individual to obtain intelligence, evidence or confirm individual integrity. Covered 6 Investigators can develop operations specifically tailored to meet your clients' needs. Please contact us so that we may design a strategic plan to obtain vital information needed for your case.

Litigation Support

Covered 6 investigators have more than 35 years experience collaborating with law firms, insurance companies and corporations, providing litigation support. Together with our strategic partners, we offer unparalleled litigation support to assist in bringing your case to successful conclusion. Please contact Covered 6 so that we may provide consultation to strategically plan your litigation needs concerning:

eDiscovery | Electronically Stored Information | Forensic Analysis | Managed Review

Process Service

Covered 6 Investigato1rs have decades of experience locating hard-to-find individuals using unique methodologies to ensure proper and legal process service. Our strategies and staff are so well known within the process service industry that competitors call upon Covered 6 for expertise in locating and serving illusive individuals. Our strategic partners and affiliates are fully staffed with registered, bonded professionals. As a result, Covered 6 can handle complex and challenging process service assignments.