"Detect, Deter, Delay, Deny...all in real time"

Real Time Info Center 

  • 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring
  • Confidential Forensic Investigation
  • Voice Down Capabilities
  • Drone Support Operations
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Access Control

The future of public safety is here. Across the world, organizations are beginning to realize that leveraging technology will be the only way to mitigate more sophisticated threats. 

The Covered 6 core mission is now more focused on designing, building and staffing the fusion centers of the future. Since the beginning of this trend, C6 has been involved in the development of tactics, capabilities and technology for the effectiveness of the Real Time Crime Centers, both public and private. 

Now it is possible to detect criminal behavior by baseline analytics, communicate with stakeholders and have what we call "Virtual Patrol Officers™" act on this information by coordinating the proper response. Post incident response starts immediately with a timely forensic review of digital footage, development of suspect BOLOs and updating this information in real time.  The system is working!