"The youth are the most valuable resource and the world's best hope for the future"


Armed Security Staffing

Covered 6 works with multiple school districts, universities, and private education organizations providing safety programs and armed security personnel. 

The learning environment is very unique and requires a different mindset, which balances "Courtesy and Compliance" in a way that helps teachers, staff, and most importantly students feel safe. We pride ourselves in partnering with school administrators and public safety stakeholders to work towards the common goal of a safe campus. The Covered 6 team is also experienced in working directly with Law Enforcement and members of the J-Team to help resolve and  mitigate school security issues.

Now more than ever the mission of securing our nations most precious resource is top priority.

Training Programs

Covered 6 works with Universities, private schools and public educational institutions to help shape a safe and secure learning environment. We provide safety Policy and Procedure, Training Programs, Imminent Threat Preparation, Staff and Teacher Defense, Classroom Hardening and much more. 

We have brought together a team of experts who have managed safety programs for some of the most exclusive learning institutions. It is not enough to have been in law enforcement or the military to understand the unique dynamics of the educational atmosphere.  

Dealing with children and their safety requires expertise, experience, and special resources...let us provide them for you.