Secure, Fast, Reliable...Ready to Deploy!

Our patented design, coupled with RFID technology allows a rifle to be securely stored in remote areas. The rack is programmable to over 1000 users and we currently have software called "Armory Tracker" developed to automate weapons accountability. This is the most advanced system for remote weapons storage

New customers 2018 - Covered6 adds the LAPD SWAT, US Coast Guard, DEA, Federal Reserve, Veterans Affairs and FBI Police to the list of over 260 Law Enforcement and Military units using the RTD Rack to secure their weapons!



The Covered 6 Ready Rack RTD (Ready To Deploy) is the fastest, most secure rack for remote storage available. Deployed in over 200 law enforcement agencies worldwide as a trusted means to keep a rifle readily available, while maintaining access control. The C6 RTD is the first ever electrically controlled rifle rack purpose built for "imminent Threat" first responders. This same rack is also very popular for home defense.

Our racks systems are currently helping in the mission of securing State Capitols, court houses, local, state, and federal police stations, police vehicles, stadiums, universities, school campuses, corporate offices, residences and more. The Covered 6 Ready Rack...are you ready?

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