ARMORY TRACKER            

Liability Mitigation Starts With Accountability!

Our patented design, coupled with RFID technology allows a rifle to be securely stored in remote areas. The rack is programmable to over 1000 users and we currently have software called "Armory Tracker" developed to automate weapons accountability. This is the most advanced system for remote weapons storage

Covered 6 adds the LAPD SWAT, US Coast Guard, DEA, Federal Reserve, Veterans Affairs and FBI Police to the list of over 260 Law Enforcement and Military units using the RTD Rack to secure their weapons!


Armory Tracker Weapons Accountability System

The new RTD Weapon Accountability system enhances user and organizational oversight by enabling real-time tracking of firearm removal from secure storage. This advanced integrated technology system generates comprehensive audit reports including date, time, location, and user activity details. Integration with select cameras offers visual confirmation of weapon retrieval, alongside capabilities for POI alerts through facial recognition and movement detection. Upon installation, officers gain access to firearms via customizable RFID/Proximity Cards, individually assigned PIN codes, and NFC technology using their mobile devices. The system includes features for administrative staff and supervisors to receive weapon deployment notifications seamlessly.

Capabilities of the Armory Tracker Weapon Accountability system:

  • Tracks firearm removal from secure storage in real-time.
  • Generates audit reports based on date, time, location, and user activity.
  • Integrates with select cameras for visual confirmation of weapon retrieval.
  • Facial recognition,movement detection, and POI alert capability.
  • Multiple access methods.
  • Weapon deployment notifications.
  • Easy to install
  • 1 year warranty on metal spine
  • 10 year warranty on select technology components