Remote Vehicles are a Force Multiplier... 

R.O.V.R. Team used a UAS equipped with a thermal camera to locate a burglary suspect.  who was hiding in a bush which was out of sight by the human eye. R.O.V.R. directed a response team to the location where the suspect was taken into custody.

Covered 6’s  Remotely Operated Vehicle Reconnaissance (R.O.V.R) Team harnesses the power of unmanned aerial technology to augment our response teams and state of the art camera integrations.  Our UAS fleet are equipped with high-resolution thermal cameras which can provide real-time aerial monitoring of large areas, properties, or perimeters. They can quickly cover vast distances monitoring hard to reach areas enabling responding units the ability to quickly identify and rapidly respond to a threat with enhanced situational awareness.  

The live UAS video feeds are monitored in Covered 6’s Real Time Intelligence Center where emergency assistance can be coordinated to the location.  

Geofencing restrictions placed on the aircrafts can assure residents privacy

UAS Team Services


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can patrol and monitor large perimeters or areas that are difficult to access on foot. They can fly autonomously or along predefined routes, scanning fences, walls, or sensitive areas. When an alarm is triggered, the UAS can rapidly respond giving security personnel and law enforcement full situational awareness.  Unpredictable flight paths by unmanned aircrafts can counter that threat, identifying the criminals without them knowing. This helps in making informed decisions and coordinating an appropriate response in a timely manner. 


In the case of missing persons and pets drones can increase the likelihood of successful reunions with missing loved ones or beloved pets. Unmanned aircrafts can survey vast landscapes, including dense forests, rugged terrains, and remote areas, providing aerial perspectives that aid in spotting individuals who may be difficult to locate on the ground. Thermal sensors on drones can detect body heat signatures, enabling search teams to identify missing persons even in challenging conditions or at night. 


Unmanned aircrafts can assist in crowd control during events, and protests. They can monitor traffic flow, identify congestion points, or provide real-time updates on crowd density, helping security teams optimize their resources and maintain public safety.


Drones can rapidly survey and map disaster-affected areas, creating accurate and up-to-date aerial maps. This data can assist in identifying safe evacuation routes, planning logistics, and coordinating relief efforts. It helps organizations and authorities make informed decisions based on real-time information and ensures efficient resource allocation. Aerial imagery and data collected over time can be used for damage assessment comparison, insurance claims, and long-term planning.


Wildlife surveillance, deterrent and search for missing pets. Whether it's Coyotes, mountain lions, bears  California is home to an abundance of wildlife that often interfaces with the community.  With a camera,  spotlight and speaker systems unmanned air can be used to encourage threatening wildlife to move away from communities as well as  advising community members of wildlife in the area making it safer for the animals,  pets, children and people in the community.