"Drone threats are real…are you prepared?"

Airwarden™ has been awarded the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Safety Act Designation

The SAFETY Act provides important legal liability protections for providers of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies, Like the Airwarden™. The goal of the SAFETY Act is to encourage the development and deployment of effective anti-terrorism products and services by providing liability protections.

In recent years, the rapid advancements in drone technology have brought about numerous benefits across various sectors, from agriculture to film making. However, as drones become more accessible and sophisticated, they also pose a range of potential threats. 

Criminal drone pilots may exploit this technology for nefarious purposes creating a significant challenge for the public safety arena. The deliberate actions of these individuals underscore the pressing need for innovative drone detection technologies to combat misuse.

Covered 6 is proud to be the West Coast partner of AeroDefense who manufacture a drone detection system which provides the early warning and situational awareness you need to respond to drone threats quickly and effectively. This Made-in-the-USA system locates the drone and pilot (controller) simultaneously. This allows security and/or law enforcement personnel to get to the source of the potential threat, the pilot, to quickly stop the flight.


Key Features:

We have two systems: 

  • The Airwarden™ Remote ID Receiver detects REMOTE ID drones and their pilots.
  • The Mesh System Detects REMOTE ID as well as NON REMOTE ID drones and their pilots . This includes hobbyist RC aircraft and homemade drones.
  • Conforms to all laws and advisories including wire tapping laws
  • Real-time location monitoring of both the pilot and drone
  • Easy to use interface that allows for collaboration and multi-location monitoring
  • Made in the USA

Georgia Department of Corrections

"Out of numerous tests with other drone detection equipment from virtually all the big companies that have drone detection technologies, AeroDefense stands apart from others. The system always detects and never fails. The support received is also phenomenal.”

Sean Ferguson, New Technology Project Manager

Met Life Stadium

“RF is currently the best solution to identify where the drone and operator are, and the only one that we found that can detect the drone and the controller when the RF connection is established. Therefore, it’s possible that we can detect the drone before it even takes off. To detect the drone is nice. To detect and locate the pilot is a form of mitigation.”    

Danny DeLorenzi, VP Security and Safety Services

United States Air force

“When deploying to an allied country, we need equipment that operates within their regulatory environment. From our experience, AeroDefense technology met our requirements and was crucial in protecting our troops.”

Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Guarini, 621st CRS

“We thoroughly evaluated the drone detection market, and AeroDefense’s unique ability to find the pilot fills a critical gap in our ability to defend against unauthorized small unmanned aerial systems.”

Master Sergeant Kologinsky, 87th SFS

Indiana Department of Corrections

“We found that the AirWarden system is very consistent and accurate in detecting and locating drones and their controllers. Its ability to identify both commercially available and home-made drones made it a clear choice for us. Through our collaboration with AeroDefense, we have seen their commitment to excellence in customer service and meeting the specific needs of the correctional environment. They provided us with a system that meets our need for both rapid and accurate detection, as well as accurate and effective reporting.”

Cory Winters, Director of Facility Technology