"The more systems we secure..the more we are all secure."

Covered 6 maintains strategic partnerships with select technology integration companies and cyber security experts to provide our exclusive clients with the latest in electronic protective solutions. These experts provide the latest in software and hardware in customization platforms.  We know that the ever changing uncertain and complex threats that the world faces today require a combination of of technology and boots on the ground to cover all aspects of personal private security. 

New artificial intelligence driven remote options such as "Analytics" and "Facial Recognition" will shape the future of the security footprint. The technology industry is hard to navigate. Let our people do the heavy lifting and provide state of the art solutions to your security needs. 

Covered 6 subject matter experts are comprised of government and private computer engineers who have gained real world experience protecting the networks of some well known organizations. Let our team design a comprehensive system for your organization under our "6 Sense" methodology which balances your needs with your budget. 

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