"Preventing the loss of life or further access
to innocent victims exceeds all other priorities...."


Covered 6 has a cadre of law enforcement instructors who are the foremost experts in "Active Shooter" and "Imminent Threat" training programs. Born out of a need for "privatized" training for armed and unarmed security personnel, off duty police officers and supervisors, Covered 6 has developed curriculum and field training specifically for these unique missions.  

Our instructors also provide a necessary legal perspective, owing to the fact that the vast majority consist of active and former tactical law enforcement personnel. Covered 6 consultants have worked with stakeholders from studios, Fortune 500 and 100 corporations, universities, and security companies to facilitate tactical training and emergency preparedness exercises.  With instructors possessing law enforcement work histories, coupled with legal educations, Covered 6 has provided our clients with reality based training designed to reduce liability without sacrificing operational goals.

Our active shooter program is based on the “National Standard”, set by the Department of Homeland Security guidelines for Active Shooter Response, along with additional proprietary information and techniques based on the cumulative knowledge, skills and abilities of our consultants. 

We also have programs with our affiliates like A.L.I.C.E, T.C.C.C, and M.A.C.T.A.C available. Call now and speak to a consultant about training your organization in the latest response tactics. 805.926.2055 or email

Covered 6 specializes in organizing and managing large scale "Active Shooter" training events. We have put on these events for universities, large movie studios and corporations. Some of our events use hundreds of participants including security personnel, law enforcement, teachers, employees and more.

With our expert instructors, choreographers, role players and moulage technicians, C6 can re-create realistic training scenarios, which better help your organizations first responder plan for the real thing. We can even provide video documentation with professional edited video for future debrief and training. Call us today and speak to a consultant to discuss scale, pricing and details related to providing the most realistic training possible for your team.