If something happens tomorrow, will your response be defensible?

Anytime there is an event of magnitude that effects an organization, all aspects of policies and standards come into question. With an ever changing landscape of Imminent Threat and Cyber Attack events, more than ever stakeholders must ensure that their program policies and procedures are "defensible". 

The days of "It won't happen to us" are over and the reality is that statistically a major event requiring above average crisis management is likely to occur to any large organization. Therefore, the security policy for the use of force, armed security and training protocols must be refined. Your response will define you. 

Covered 6 specializes in policy and procedure development for large and small corporations and educational public safety departments. With our unique legal experience, coupled with our security and law enforcement backgrounds, our policy programs are being used by major Is studios, universities, insurance agencies and aerospace companies. 

They trusted us with their policy...