We have their confidence...let us earn yours.

"As a veteran with special operations experience coupled with prior experiences in dignitary and executive protection, I've had the opportunity to train in many circumstances and with some of the best in the security industry. All that aside, Covered 6 is the only organization that put everything together for a security professional to know in a five-week program that is scale-able, hard hitting and dynamic while at the same time flexible to expand and incorporate emerging methodologies. This course challenged some of my previously held maxims and broke down training scars to enable embracing new paradigms. I can't say enough superlatives about the quality of instruction, the instructors and the whole program!"

Robert Ramsey
PSS & EP Graduate | Veteran

I traveled from Las Vegas to take the TCCC that was being offered. I was going into this class as a "12 year on the streets in Vegas" paramedic, with med-evac/flight, and ER paramedic experience as well. Some of that knowledge and experience came into play, but that mentality also was a hard one to "curb" as well. Having to switch from "civilian street" medic to "combat medic" mentality was something that took a conscious effort for the first little bit. We as civilian medic have like 6 different airway choices and then to tell me I only have "2 choices", I definitely raised an eye brow, but I was eager to learn.  

Val and Patrick were our instructors for 2 days. Both are "completely dialed" and Patrick had no problem going into "more depth", on the medical portion if needed. Both were very knowledgeable and very passionate about what they were teaching. Scenario day was an eye opener. The stress of the actual task and skills at hand wasn't the challenge for me, as was having to work in a team where the range of experience was different for everyone, and you just figure out how to make it work. Instructors were great about critiquing you and getting you "psyched" for what was "about to come".

I have been raving about this course, and it was such a GREAT experience. Well worth every penny. You will use what you learn, in so many different aspects if the need ever arose. The motto of "doing the most with the least amount" rings so true. With the way the world is going now (shootings at schools, night clubs, grocery stores), you just never know when you will need "to leap into action", and knowing you have the "know how" to help... totally worth it's weight in gold.  

Leslie Schaffer



Read Leslie's account of how her Covered 6 TCCC training was put to the test at the Las Vegas Route 91 Country Music Festival mass shooting event.

"Geared towards being a Veteran, this course allowed me to reconnect to the training and atmosphere I was accustomed to. In such a short period of time i believe most, if not all of the pertinent emergency medical and or tactical procedures that i learned in the military were covered. In my opinion this training was above any other type of standard that i've ever had, mainly due to the expertise and experience of the instructors themselves. Great experience!"

Mark Sun
PSS Graduate | Veteran

" I recently had the pleasure of attending the Ultimate Handgun class. I have shot pistols in a range environment for years but what I experienced today was a once in a life time experience. The respect, expertise and professionalism that was exhibited by each and every member of Covered6's training staff that day was only matched by their ability and desire to impart this knowledge to the class. I have a new found respect and appreciation for what our dedicated Law Enforcement officers potentially face every day. In summation, I highly recommend Covered6 to anyone who is interested in first class real world firearms training and I cannot wait to take my next class with Covered6!" 
Glen Arentzoff


"Covered 6 is an extraordinary training academy which is fortunate to have a professional and extremely knowledgeable teaching staff. As a military retiree who’s attended literally dozens of military and DoD/DA schools and courses, I would have to say the the level of training and guidance that I received at Covered 6 was at least as good as my military training and in some instances, far superior.

I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone who considers themselves professional security specialists as well as those who might be interested in getting into the private security realm."
J.C. Varner
PSS & EP Graduate | Veteran

"Since attending the Executive Protection Class #11, I have had much success in this industry from working major events in Beverly Hills to working for a high profile entertainer, this all was possible due to Covered6 training me. The Executive Protection course is very intense and real world training that should not be taken lightly. Covered6 instills the tools needed for the warrior to operate when dealing with aggressive crowds to operating with a high profile family. The instructors at Covered6 are EXTREMELY professional, tactically proficient, and give the student real world scenarios during the hands on training. Executive Protection is a science, the Instructors at Covered6 are the Scientists'! Steel sharpens steel and there is a sense of a warrior family once walking through the doors of this facility. Hats off and much thank you to the Covered6 team! Words can not express how happy I am for the opportunities they have blessed me with." 
EP Team Leader

"I can't say enough about Covered 6 and the EP training that they provide. After successful completion of the two day course I was put to work the following weekend. I have since worked over a dozen details with a very professional and pro active team. Recently we were privileged to work along side of Secret Service. In addition to the EP work Covered 6 found me a full time position that fits me perfect. I have great respect for all the instructors and owners of both companies. Thank You Covered 6 for being there, being professional, and setting such a high standard of service and training."  

Nicole L.

Security Manager

"I researched various options for obtaining this information and training. Covered 6 was recommended to me by my brother, Captain Steve McLean of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Alta Dena Station. His recommendation allowed me to experience the high level of education you offer. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and information that I can put to use in my pursuit of a career in executive protection. I would recommend Covered 6 to anyone searching for the highest level of protective education that is available. Thank you again and I look forward to staying in touch and continuing my education through Covered 6."

Russel McLean

"I just completed the ADAPT training at my workplace. The training was excellent and I am amazed at how helpful and simple the techniques are, as taught by Robert and Chris. I am confident that I could protect myself at home or in the workplace, if I were to encounter a violent person. Thank you Covered 6, for coming to our campus and offering this training!"

Shannon Laston
Educational Worker

"After twenty-plus years of ingesting a diverse array of military, DOD, and college courses under the umbrella of Homeland Security, (B.A., Criminal Justice), I humbly attest that the C6 CST Program is of the highest educational caliber. In contrast, I previously attended several months of Comp Tia Exam Preparation at another vendor, which was helpful, but did not include any "hands-on labs", nor basic command line tools in Windows or Linux. Intense study and cramming alone is not as effective as the traditional lectures-followed-by labs methodology received at C6. Pointedly, our Instructors gave the proverbial "So-What?" that is: The reason(s) for and how key concepts evolved towards industry standards, etc. Overall, I graduated with a solid foundation in the basics. I look forward to taking and passing all three Comp Tia exams in short order and credit the C6 CST Program for my success in this endeavor."

Dave M.

CST Graduate | Veteran

"I came to Coverd6 for the NRA Pistol Instructor Certification Course. Ive shoot guns since seven years old, competing in both Steel Challenge & IDPA handgun matches since 2006 with a few tips from fellow shooters and one private lesson. However, over the past year, I had given my wife and a friend a personal shooting lesson and felt that I needed professional guidance on instructing people. On my first day, Robert casually introduced himself and said, Make yourself at home?. Throughout both days of instruction/training he imparted the necessary info to all of us along with a TON of EXTRA helpful info in an easy, fun way. Coverd6 understands what their customers want and need and exceeds their customer's expectations. I highly recommend Coverd6 and I am now planning to attend several more classes and looking forward to again receiving way more than expected." 

Firearms Instructor

"How do you write a testimonial when you have so many accolades that exceed the 1000 character limit? That is the dilemma I ran into with Covered6. In my experience thus far I noted the instructors as being both professional and personable. Providing both a safe learning environment and a wealth of information should one want to go beyond the basics of weapons training. Having spent considerable time in academia and transitioning to a more martial background I thought it prudent to learn firearms from those that instruct operators and special tactical groups alike. In the epochal shift of violence at the domestic level (vs international) I believe it's important for an individual to be able to defend his/her family. It is not enough to simply own a firearm, one must constantly train so that the weapon becomes an extension of oneself. I am confident that Covered6 will provide me with the skills necessary should the need arise to defend those who matter most in my life."

Johnathan Summers

"Covered 6 is a great academy to come to if you’re interested in any type of security training. It is no lie when they say it is the leading standard for this field of training. All of the instructors here are well-versed in their fields, and have a generous amount of great knowledge to give to the students. Wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else to start a career. Thank you guys!"

Naim Jones

C6 Academy Graduate | Veteran

"I signed up for the Home Defense course and was extremely pleased with every aspect of the training. From the classroom instruction to force on force,Chris was so good at teaching that it was easy to learn what you could have different or better during training to have a positive outcome and make the correct and sometimes life changing decisions in defending your home. It's nice to see instructors that are so passionate and enjoy what they do. Great class and i will be back for other classes. Thanks guys!"


I contacted Covered 6 while unemployed and very quickly received top flight training, job placement assistance, and even funding. I had the pleasure of taking three courses at their accommodating facility and had several job leads. Staff at Covered 6 are highly capable of sharing their knowledge in a way that I easily understood. Not to mention the networking done with great classmates. I'm signed up for my fourth class and will be back for more. Thanks for helping me continue my personal growth and education. 

Michael Barnwell
US Army

"As an Executive Coach, I spend my days helping professionals define what excellence will look like for them personally and professionally and then go about helping them close gaps to achieve those objectives. Covered6 is an obvious example of just such an end story that I would refer clients to as a service, but also as a business success story. From the facilities - the way that things are organized and "squared away", to the detailed classroom portion of the day, on into the warehouse for dry fire training/practice and ultimately out on the range - you guys exemplify professionalism. We had a near 1:1 Instructor/Student ratio, and while I realize that may not always be possible, it was appreciated. The bottom line is for a guy with practically no firearm experience and absolutely no training, I now feel safe and fundamentally competent with my weapon and I thank you for that. I'm looking forward to the tactical class, so keep me in the loop."

Bill Hart
Executive Coach

"I've had experience with the AR platform since the "pre ban " days. Now I work for a county agency whose training budget is severely lacking, instruction uninspired, and priority seems to be an after thought. I sought out Covered 6 to get a solid "foundation" with my weapons platform, minimize previous training scars, and set myself up for more advanced instruction in the near future. These guys delivered! The student to instructor ratio was fantastic, the instructors are dialed in, and no question or concern went unaddressed. I witness staff gong above and beyond on students gear issues (invaluable when time is money) and taking the time to work on alternate techniques that worked better for individual students. There staff was constantly supportive and taught with passion and attitude that instilled confidence in every student, from newbies to experienced operators. I will not hesitate to recommend their services to my friends and professional colleagues. Good to go!"

Chuck V
Time & $ well invested

"I just took the Tactical Carbine course and I am thoroughly impressed. I have been shooting the AR-15 platform for over 20 years and I must admit that I thought I had it locked down pretty tightly. Well? not so much! The instructors are top notch and have an outstanding teaching style that keeps you engaged and eager to learn more. My class covered the gamut as far as students are concerned. Three of us are LE, a few were experienced shooters some novice and one had never picked up a rifle before. By the end of the shooting day every one of us was hitting a torso sized steel target at 100 yards consistently, not to mention the cool stuff we did with our rifles. Ive been in law enforcement with a large sized department in So California for several years and have been fortunate to have received some great training over the years and this course lands right up there with the best of them."

LE Officer

"I took the AR-15 Armorer's course. This course taught me nearly every single aspect of my rifle. I now have the knowledge on what every part does, what it's function is and I feel confident that I could build a rifle from a part kit. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to truly know their weapon."

Reserve Officer

"When I signed up for the basic carbine class I was a complete novice, never having fired a rifle. Chris and Dave and rest of the excellent crew at Covered Six started me out with several hours in their tactical facility. Safety is absolutely #1 here - you begin in the classroom, learning about all facets of firearms. This segment is very thorough and covers not only the safe use necessary for your later practical experience but also delves into changing laws, product modifications, military and law enforcement applications and other subjects that promote depth and understanding from a professional perspective. We proceeded to their action room for practice with real firearms but plastic ammunition. This training was amazing and the pace and mode of training was obviously highly refined over a long period of time. Then to the range. By the end of the day I was not only shooting, I was able to hit a four inch square target from 25 yards during a hostage situation. Incredible!"

Bret Bartak
President, Bartak Consultants

"I think Cover 6 Academy is the future of Security Training. The training was excellent, and it covered all phases of security."

Martin Fernandez

PSS Graduate | Veteran

"Covered6 has been delivering superior quality training in a professional manner since the start of my involvement with them. In the operations I have been on, including details for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the President of the United States (make no mistake, those were certainly not the norm) These attributes are completely transferred into the training that they provide. The training is comprehensive and includes real world application and experiences with verifiable results, all taught by high quality instructors from various federal agencies and former as well as current law enforcement personnel. The networking opportunities gained through Covered6 and its affiliates are fundamental and quality as well. All agencies linked to C6 are top notch and from what I can tell, the best in their game." 

William Smith

"Good morning Chris, I know you are a busy man but I thought this would be a perfect time to express my gratitude for Covered 6, DGPI. Thank you Chris for taking me into the Covered 6 Academy, for allowing me to show you that I mean business. You and Nicole are great leaders and it shows through the Covered 6 Academy and through DGPI. I’m grateful everyday for being a part of a company that executes and pushes their employees to improve themselves physically and mentally. Up until February I never knew that such an elite security based company ever existed. I used to think that all companies were like the one I used to work at, which was very discouraging. I wear the Covered 6, DGPI uniform with pride as I not only represent C6 but myself. So I’d like to thank you, Nicole, and everyone else that was a part of the academy for the experience and this opportunity. You all have a great Thanksgiving and a safe one too." 

Jarod Granados
Physical Security Specialist Academy Graduate

"I want to thank Covered 6 for helping me to achieve a better job, now I have my entire family covered with a healthcare plan, a better paying job, and a lot of more knowledge.

I'm really thankful for all the knowledge and the training you provided us, from me and my family we are grateful." 

Oscar Romero
C6 Employee

"On 10:45 pm on Saturday, my wife thought someone was in our backyard. Normally we both think there is someone in our yard but its usually a possum that walks along our brick wall. The flood light from our neighbor casts a silhouette and the outline of the possum usually looks like a head until you see the tail. So when she stated that someone was in the backyard, I was thought it can't be, its probably a possum, or you hear our son going into the kitchen.

I was wrong. After I went back to the front room, my wife comes back to me with panic in her eyes and whispers that there is someone in the backyard. My heart dropped. First, I realized that this is the second time I doubted my wife. We had an incident like this at her sisters house last Thanksgiving. Family full of people and a guy who had a mental illness ended up on the roof out the house. I'll tell you that story another time. So here I am against faced with an unknown intruder.  I retrieved my fire arm and remained calm. 

I tried to get a good luck out of the back windows of my home and I realized one thing. My neighbor had flood lights and I didn't. I couldn't see anything. Her light blocked my vision. Second, practically every light was on in the house so peeking also gave away my position. My wife asked if she should call 911 and I said yes. I hadn't confirm that I could see someone but at the same time I couldn't doubt my wife a third time and say well let's wait and see.

I realized that I had to get everyone to a safe area. My next problem, every room has a window. My son was a the dinning table eating a bowl of cereal, surrounded by windows, my daughter was sleep in our bed because she was sick. My wife was trembling in our bedroom closet and I was thinking how I should have taken your home defense course (haha). I moved my son in the room with my wife, aware of muzzle awareness and my finger was on the side of the gun. I then began to turn off all the lights in the house.

I realized that my wife wanted to know if the guy was still in the back of the house and I had to check. I opened our master bathroom window and use my flashlight on my gun to scan the backyard. I also realized that if there is someone armed that I could die right there as they have the advantage. I sliced the pie in probably the worse way possible. It was more like, stir the batter for the pie. I frantically scanned back and forth. I realized that I gave away my position but I also need to see who was out there.

The light on my gun worked better than I expected. I was able to illuminate the entire backyard practically. I also realized that I didn't get the adrenaline dump that I expected to get because of the situation. It was almost like another on of your drills for me except without the timer going off. I was constantly thinking and not reacting and I think it may have helped calmed my wife as I wasn't panicking with a loaded gun near my family.

My wife told me that the deputies would be here in 60 seconds. I closed the window and realized that the threat probably escaped or was hiding but we were safe as no attempt to make entry was made. When the helicopter lit my house I was relieved that someone else could get eyes on what I couldn't at the time.

I put my firearm back in the safe as I wasn't aware if any deputies were on site. The helicopter team relayed to the pilot and said that our side gate was open if we were aware. We never leave the gate open as we have an 8 month old puppy who would find a way to escape.

The pilot expanded their search awareness while the deputies searched our backyard and shed. They checked every storage container and trashcans. My wife handed me the phone and I continued the conversation with the operator. She happened to mentioned that the guy was wearing a motorcycle helmet.

I thought to myself that's out of the ordinary unless this was some zombie/rioter with bat, shield and helmet like you see on TV when the Left and Right meet at a protest. I recalled at that moment that our neighbor converted his house to accept adults with disabilities.  Earlier that day I noticed that they were loading a man into a van and he was wearing a helmet with clear face protection. I relayed this information to operator. Shortly after that, the pilot mentioned that they found the man on the next street behind our home. He was hiding from the helicopter.

The deputies checked with the neighbor who stated that they had a person who fit that description in their home. He was sleep upstairs, they told the deputies. They asked to check and low and behold he wasn't there. Somehow this man with the mental capacity of a 3 year old managed to escape and ended up in our backyard.

The operator told me to meet the deputies outside our home. They gave the all clear, and returned the Latino man back to the home.

After action report

I should have had my holster belt in the closet. I used to keep it there but my wife hated how it looked and it was always out of place. I haven't gotten my closet safe yet. This is now on my to do list.

I didn't grab the spare mags in the safe. I have 1 mag loaded and two spare mags in my drawer safe. I even used to practice grabbing my gun and the extra mags when I dry fired. I only grabbed the gun. Time to dry fire more.

TECC training. Again on my to do list and would have come in handy if I shot the mental disable adult or if me or someone in my home or community would have gotten hurt. On my to do list.

No flood lights in back of house or cameras on my property. I had no situation awareness. Easy fix would be to install lights in the back and cameras all around. The front and sides of my house were lit, but not the back.

Didn't lock the kids play area (Tuff Shed). There is no reason why the shed shouldn't be locked when not in use. I got too comfortable, that will change.

Need to figure out a safe area for the family. I'm thinking the car in the garage. There are no windows in the garage it provides an multiple escape routes. 

Follow up

If you are out this way (Carson/Long Beach) sometime I would like for you to give me some pointers on what I could have done better. I understand that no situation is the same but with your experience I think we could stop by my home and you assess and say hey here are somethings I may have done better that would be greatly appreciated. I would compensate you for your time.

My family members all said that my training with your organization came in handy. I'm glad I understood what was at stake versus me just having a emotional response and possibly making the incident worse.

I'm grateful to have worked with you and your team over the years and I feel that the training you have provided is invaluable to me." 

Covered 6 Client