Mobile Field Force (MFF) Training

"Protective Services faces significant challenges when dealing with protests and civil unrest."  

Mobile Field Force (MFF) for Protective Services Course

The mobile field force (MFF)  is a dedicated group of Protective Services personnel who can rapidly mobilize into a mobile field force in anticipation of an exigent event. The primary responsibility of MFF squads is to operate during periods of civil unrest by disrupting and dispersing crowds that are in the process of forming, identifying and assisting Law Enforcement in arresting leaders of crowds that have already formed, and providing area deniability to protect businesses or residences. In addition, the mobile field force can be used for saturation patrols in high-crime neighborhoods or to provide security of critical infrastructure during periods of heightened threat.

Covered 6 is the first private sector security company in the United States to deploy MFF officers who directly supported Law Enforcement in the field during unrest. The course was designed and is taught by former law enforcement and working professionals in the protective industry that have extensive experience in all facets of Mobile Field Force. Our instructors and staff have current real-world experience in the field. 

This course is the ideal starting point for those who are looking to advance their skillsets.  The curriculum is current, relevant and is taught by industry professionals still actively working in the protection business. This course is designed to to give you the basic understanding and skill sets to become a part of a functioning MFF detail.

** Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion

Mobile Field Force (MFF) Course Outline

  • Anatomy of a Crowd
  • Gear Selection and Setup
  • MFF Formations
  • Use of Force Options

  • Vehicle Operations (VOPS) for Crowd Control
  • Defensive Tactics for MFF
  • Tactical Rescue and Arrest 
  • Operating with Law Enforcement
  • MFF Field Strategies
  • Tactical Medical for MFF
  • Advanced Operations
  • Leadership Strategies

Covered 6 - Mobile Field Force Training for Protective Services
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