March 17

A message to our clients from our Founder & CEO, Chris Dunn.


Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

In this time of unprecedented crisis facing communities across the globe, we want you to know that the Covered 6 Team shares in your concern and cares for your safety and wellness. 

As COVID19 spreads throughout our great nation, rest assured that we will continue our tireless effort to Defend, Guard and Protect you. This is no time for panic. We take your trust in us seriously, and as a result, have strategically planned for disasters and emergencies so that we are able to fulfill our responsibilities in the midst of chaos. Preparedness and planning for worst-case scenarios is our expertise. Thanks to our relentless pursuit of industry excellence, built through years of robust training and experience, the Covered 6 Team is well prepared to execute seamless protection services, in both the physical or cyber worlds. 

With the ever-changing impact of this crisis, families, communities, and businesses around the world are experiencing tremendous shifts. At Covered 6, we have met these challenges head-on, adjusting nimbly to the needs of our clients. Our team is prepared to work through any adversity, overcoming obstacles to provide you and your family with the sense of safety you deserve. As we journey through this evolution together, please let us know how we may help you through this difficult time. We are here to provide creative solutions to your most complex problems.

Now, more than ever, we stand with you. We are ready for this fight against COVID19, and we are committed to providing uninterrupted protection services to you and your family. 

We wish you and yours health, safety and sense of calm. Ours truly is the greatest nation on earth. We are here to protect and ensure a bright tomorrow.


Chris Dunn
CEO & Founder
Covered 6


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