"As studies of chess masters, emergency room physicians, and fighter pilots have shown, in times of critical stress, conscious analysis of a situation is replaced by quick, subconscious processing. These experts rapidly draw on their deeply ingrained repertoire of neural subroutines...chunks. Professor of Engineering


Covered 6 started as a firearms training company. It is at our core. We feel that there is no greater mission than the responsible deployment of deadly weapons, specifically firearms. We offer a wide variety of courses designed to accomplish this mission. Located in Simi Valley, California, we have an indoor training facility with FOS simulator. We also have both public/law enforcement and our own private ranges available for training.

Supporting the profession or arms or effective self-defense is what we do. All of our classes are a result of years of practical experience, not theoretical supposition.


Covered 6 is offering a certified academy. This academy consists of both 40 hours of security, law enforcement and academic instruction, which combines classroom, scenario, hands on and interactive training evolutions. Several certifications will be awarded upon successful completion of the curriculum. This course is approved by the Bureau of Post Secondary education (BPPE) and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

The above courses will result in certifications from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Taser International, Krav Maga, NRA Law Enforcement Division, American Red Cross and others.


Covered 6 has a cadre of law enforcement instructors who are the foremost experts in "Active Shooter" and "Imminent Threat" training programs. Born out of the need of "corporate" training for armed and unarmed security personnel, off duty police officers and supervisors, Covered 6 has developed curriculum and field training specifically for these unique missions.

Our active shooter program is based on the “National Standard”, set by the Department of Homeland Security guidelines for Active Shooter Response, along with additional proprietary information and techniques based on the cumulative knowledge, skills and abilities of our consultants.


Covered 6 currently offers all levels of "Awareness" training for educational organizations and corporations. The Covered 6 A.D.A.P.T Awareness and Defense Against physical threats is a program designed to enhance situational awareness for students, employees, women and teachers. Other components of the system are designed to train school administrators for crisis response and de-escalation.

This program also comes with modules for international travel. International ADAPT covers the perils of foreign travel in current times. With threats like terrorism and religious extremism, we all need to ADAPT.


Covered 6 offers the current team leaders and elite operators from Los Angeles County SEB, LAPD SWAT, US Military Special Operations, and tactical subject matter experts. Our instructors have trained operators and instructors all over the world in law enforcement and austere combat operations.

Currently there is a long waiting list to receive training from these elite personnel. However, via Covered 6, law enforcement and military tactical response teams (US and approved foreign) can take advantage of this private training opportunity.


Covered 6 offers complete professional defensive tactics course for the private sector and law enforcement. Our courses cover take downs, handcuffing, weapons defense, unarmed self defense, less lethal and more. All of these courses are based on the "Customer Service Model", which strives to balance courtesy and compliance.

Our instructors have extensive martial arts, Krav Maga, and protection backgrounds with numerous hours instructing thousands of instructors and students in all levels of self-defense. We can customize a training program, write formal policies and procedures, and then provide ongoing contacted training services for you organization.