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What is a “Physical Security Specialist”

Many private organizations recognize that the threat environment today is comprised of both domestic and international extremists, “lone wolf” individuals with ideologies of hate, deranged persons, and criminals. Some of these modern offenders are deploying tactics, weapons and technology that rivals that of law enforcement and the military.

These same subjects are carrying out their attacks at large public venues, universities, schools corporations, stadiums, government buildings, and military bases. In the past these “soft targets” with ease of access or detection have had little or no capable private security that offer much more than a small measure of deterrence. Law enforcement has offered only a response and post investigation with little or no effect on events in progress. An active shooter is over in the first 5 minutes before the police can intervene.

To meet this threat head on, private organizations are seeking companies that offer more sophisticated professional security services and personnel. This readiness demand has spawned a need for the more advanced a training of security officers, not the lower and rarely enforced minimum industry standards in place at a State level.

A Physical Security Specialist (PSS) is trained at the same level as law enforcement in a condensed version of a quasi-police academy. Different in that the curriculum is developed specifically to meet the needs of the private sector. A PSS must know advanced skillsets such as response to imminent threat, tactical defensive firearms, de-escalation, defensive tactics, canine detection, technology integration and first responder medicine (to name a few). All of these skills must be accomplished by maintaining a cornerstone of balancing “service and safety”. None of this expertise is offered or required under the current National Standards…until now.

In 2017, the Covered 6 team began working with the US Department of Labor to create the first National Program Standards for “Private Security Specialist”. This five-week comprehensive program exposes students to a variety of critical skill sets created to address the need. A new national standard has been achieved.

For more information on how you can benefit by this government approved program as a security employer, private organization or individual seeking a career in the private sector, contact a Covered 6 vocational advocate today. www.covered6.com/academy


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