August 23

Moorpark company Covered 6 trains veterans for jobs in private security


ABC 7 SALUTES: Moorpark company Covered 6 trains Veterans for jobs in private security


MOORPARK, Calif. (KABC) -- When Hans Hagy of Ventura County left the Marine Corps, he was looking for a career that built on his military training. Hagy enrolled in the company Covered 6's five-week executive protection program.

"The stuff i learned here far surpassed any training i got out of the military. The defensive tactics were on point, they were much better than what I learned in the Marine Corps. I learned a lot more on arrest and control," said Hagy.

Covered 6, which is based in Moorpark, has trained thousands of people for jobs in the private security industry -- 80% of those trained are veterans.

"They understand veterans. That's kind of the biggest thing. You go to some security companies and some places and people just don't understand how veterans operate, how veterans work. Here, everyone's a veteran or first responders. They just get it, they understand your mentality, your mindset, and they nurture that as you go through the program," said Hagy.

The program includes classroom lessons and in-the-field training on everything from cyber security to defensive driving. The skills are taught at the company's 20,000-square-foot facility, which has a simulated city.

Something you won't see a lot of at Covered 6 are guns. Out of the five-week training program, firearm training takes up only two days because their philosophy focuses on de-escalation. Covered 6 was started by veteran Chris Dunn because he says he noticed a gap between law enforcement training and security jobs. His company puts an emphasis on customer service, using words and building relationships instead of combat.

"We've been in the longest war of all time. It's almost perpetuating a decade. You're 30-years-old, you have two kids, you get out of the military with your job skills that don't apply necessary to a corporation and then you go to college and now you're four years behind and you still don't have the same job skills," said Dunn.

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