June 25

MTS for Law Enforcement


We've got our protectors fully covered with the innovated Multi-Threat Shield (MTS). Its multifaceted applicability allows anyone from the law enforcement to the security sector to utilize it as an expedient ballistic option under pressure. Purposely built to be crucially lightweight, effectively practical and discreetly mobile, MTS is setting the standard for saving lives.

The "Savior" MTS, is a best in class life saving option. It has undergone rigorous testing; the National Tactical Officers Association awarded it top-grade, GOLD stature. Installments of ballistic rifle plates offers the user Level III protection against rifle threats.

Its compacted three feet quickly deploys significant coverage for users, while the free-handling system design enables full range of combat capability. Our strategic partners at Force Training Institute have written a recent white paper on the Savior Shield, including specs.


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