MTS for Law Enforcement
We've got our protectors fully covered with the innovated Multi-Threat Shield (MTS). Its multifaceted applicability allows anyone from the law enforcement to[...]
C6 Training Model
Our ethos is that all policy, training programs and initiatives are guided by the principal that "one is none". We[...]
People, Passion, Purpose
We are lucky to have a team of professionals that are the best in the business. It is truly rewarding[...]
Customer Service in the Security Industry
Balancing Service and Safety What does customer service mean in the security industry? Is it simply the act of meeting[...]
Client Testimonial
On 10:45 pm on Saturday, my wife thought someone was in our backyard. Normally we both think there is someone[...]
Better…because they have to be.
What is a “Physical Security Specialist” Many private organizations recognize that the threat environment today is comprised of both domestic[...]